Dredge Up Eventide

by Stern

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released January 1, 2010

Trumpet on 4, 5 and 7 by Tim Byrnes. Vocals on 7 by Victoria Kereszi. Mastered by Wendell Edwards. Cover art by Peter Stern.


all rights reserved



Stern Brooklyn, New York

Chuck Stern - vocals
Toby Driver - guitar
Keith Abrams - drums
Tim Byrnes - synth

All music, art, and lyrics by Chuck Stern

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Track Name: Flow of Tinseled Time
I would never take upon myself
To put you back from pieces
I would only complicate things
And I would not know the way

I would never break you
I see the crack in it
I would never break you
I see the crack in it
Track Name: With Steady Clout
I am the dark light
And I am walking these halls again
And I am fraught with the hourglass
And I…

And I am standing beside
But how long can I keep living within limits
Hemmed in by the rigors of halting, without

Another day with steady clout
Animal reasons come get you
Pillars are falling to the ground
Not all of us moving together

Am I the one who dulls your shine
Skin that outstretches its welcome
Am I confined, some kind of child
To stand in your shadow forever

Places we take with steady clout
Famished for creature and comfort
Fever is coursing through my veins
Maybe we belong here together

Is this the way it has to be
Is there a choice in the matter
I'd rather die with steady clout
Than live, the only way to be living
The only way to be, with steady clout
Track Name: Top Shelf Variety
Sweet amends

The riddle, the heart of men
It's tearing us open, a new globe
Into fixture

The brittlest bones to mend
Wreak havoc above them
A duel, help or hinder

I must be moving on
I must be right

Luminary eyes speak volumes
See the turning of worlds to spurn
Will haul this cage, clear of harm
And hold myself in your arms

I may be wrong

Luminary eyes
Speak louder than words
Desert my sole survivor

It's drivel
It's selfsame, vigil
It's every single day
And every single night
It's selfsame, scapegrace
It's drivel

Eras bygone and on
The interval decline
This time, in denial
You lie here with me
Under a spell so deep

I may be wrong

And what's the use
You're in the nude
A figment of fantasy
To receive the signal
Keep coming in crippled
Plant your feet here with me
This is the top shelf variety
Track Name: Coax and Cozen
Ripe for hire
Loot, legend
Brighter skies, auspices

My chief concern is only you

I adorn you with deepest crimson
See my vixen eyes

This is a chronicle of deep conviction
You will see my angel eyes

Whisked away, fraud
Always your champion

My modern marvels of no use

In love, a soothsayer
In lust, as a safeguard
Vintage, born scavenger
And now, it's taken root there
And now, it's taken root there
In love again

I adorn you with deepest crimson
See my angel eyes

Ushering in your aura
Your scope is broad
And your motives pure
I'm ravished by the lore
I'm ready to make you mine

To coax and cozen
To paint this portrait
To make you mine

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